Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Veg McMuffin

Chris says that he likes these better than any meat laden breakfast sandwich, and he loves the tofu and actually prefers it to eggs on this sandwich. I have been making this for years and you can use your veggie meat of choice. I have made it with "bacon", "ham", "sausage", etc. I think that I like Lightlife's Gimmie Lean Sausage the best. It reminds me of the "back in da day" breakfast sandwiches from take out as its name implies. This sandwich really tastes the best when you have a toasted bagel or English Muffin. However, this morning I have no Gimmie Lean or English Muffins/bagels for that matter (sigh), so I think that I will be trying this with the tempeh bacon recipe that I used for the TLAT's and some Flax Bread, toasted. I usually thinly slice the tofu, and use two thin slices per sandwich. I also sprinkle the tofu slices with a little Nutritional Yeast while it is cooking. While it wasn't as good made the way I like it, it was still mighty tasty and the boy is envious since he is at work and didn't get one ;) And I know you are all jealous of my vintage Beauty and the Beast plate it is on :P

1/2" slice of firm FRESH Tofu (not previously frozen)
1 slice veg*n ham (Yves, LightLife, etc)
1 or 2 slices veg cheddar cheeze
Pan spray
A little margarine or vegetable oil
1 English muffin, sliced and toasted
Salt and pepper

Spray a heavy frying pan with pan spray.
Add a bit of margarine or oil, and heat over medium heat.
Fry Tofu on both sides until lightly browned.
At the same time, fry ham slice.
Top ham slice with cheeze, and let it melt slightly.
Put Tofu on bottom half of muffin.
Top Tofu with ham and cheeze.
Season with salt and pepper.
Put on top half of muffin.
Serve immediately.

On an English Muffin with Gimmie Lean Sausage and a Winnie the Pooh Plate :)