Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Asian Coconut Noodle Soup

Wow, the picture is beautiful! I knew I wanted to make it when I saw the pic, and Chris saw it and said, "What is that?!" which means it looks good to him. Always a  plus! Another plus for me is that it uses napa cabbage, if you remember I have a seven pound cabbage ;O) Here is the recipe.

Anyways, soup is always good to make on cold days and we have been having a lot of cold ones lately here in Chester. This recipe combines a lot of my favorite things into one dish. She calls for Rice Stick Noodles and you will want to look for Rice Vermicelli. I get mine from the Asian Grocer (if you live near Richmond, you will probably know it, the Tan-A). The Lite Coconut Milk, I have found, Kroger has a store brand that was about $1.65, score! I used my whole container of tofu, which is 14 ounces and lightly fried it because that is how I like my tofu.

The smell of this cooking is heavenly. I personally would add some hot sauce or more chili flakes but it is pretty good as is. Chris added some sriracha to his and he says now it is perfect.