Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tempeh, Napa Cabbage and Mushroom Potstickers

Wow, I sure do love Potstickers! Chris and I have made them a lot lately, but we have been using the same recipe so I thought it was high time to change it up. This recipe stood out from the other recipes that I had been looking at, mainly because it used tempeh. Tempeh is one of Chris's favorite soy products, plus it uses napa cabbage which I currently have an overabundance of. I line my steamer basket with the napa cabbage which keeps the Potstickers from sticking to the bamboo steamer plus you can eat it and it is infused with the smoky aroma of bamboo.  I have some recipes that I found that use napa cabbage (soon to come) and I also like it in my stir fries so I hope that I get to use all of it. Feel free to suggest recipes to me.

That is a 2 liter of pop. I believe the tag says it is a seven and some change pound cabbage....

I steam my tempeh after it is cut for 15 minutes each before cooking.

Chris and I really enjoyed these, very "meaty" tasting from the mushrooms and the tempeh. This is the recipe I used with the potstickers, very gingery and flavorful. More pictures to come soon.......