Saturday, March 19, 2011

Swordfish with Avocado Butter

Oh Em Gee this is the best ever recipe for Swordfish. I get the Swordfish from Kroger and they get it frozen therefore it is cheaper per pound than if you bought it fresh from your fishmonger (compare $7.99 a pound to $16.99 a pound). I like the thinner cut steaks personally. I cook my fish on grill and not in the broiler. I am sure that it is better this way because to me, everything tastes better grilled. Chris loves to cook on the grill for me so he will take any chance that he can to cook on the grill. We like to use the Mesquite Briquettes, but use your favorite. The Avocado Butter goes perfectly with the Swordfish. If you are thinking about not making the Avocado Butter, please do. The fish tastes so much better with it. Make sure not to overcook your fish, or undercook it. Keep in mind that Swordfish does not flake when done, you have to go by the color of the fish to tell if it is done or not. I don't think that the meat of the fish tastes "fishy", but the skin does so you may want to remove it or give it to the cat. I usually serve this with some grilled vegetable kebabs, however today I will be serving them with leftover macaroni and cheese....I meant to get some artichokes but I didn't get around to it, I know I am a punk :P