Monday, March 21, 2011

Tilapia Fish Curry and new Chai Tea

I was going to get the Pom Fret from Tan-A, but decided to just go with some Tilapia fillets that I already have and Chris loves Tilapia. This recipe looks particularly delicious. I have to admit that making this recipe scares me a little because I am afraid that I will overcook the fish. Otherwise the recipe sounds fairly easy to make and it sounds very flavorful. Chris and I have been wanting to make a fish curry since we saw it on Bizarre Foods, of  all places. I was not impressed with this recipe and I followed it exactly. Chris liked it though.

I found cinnamon sticks in the spice aisle at the local Dollar Tree and if you are lucky, you will have an Indian Grocer nearby. I went to Laxmi Palace, which is on Old Parham Road in the West End of Richmond near the Tropical Smoothie. I found cheap spices like Garam Masala, Cloves, Fenugreek Seeds, etc. I got some Paneer (low-fat too so this means Saag Paneer soon :o)), dried Kokams, they had some popped Sorghum which I saw on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, tons of rice, lots of fresh veggies (a lot of the same vegetables that Tan-A has), ready to eat foods, dal, chick peas, flat breads....If you get the chance to go by there, check it out. The clerks in the store are very polite and helpful. In the same strip mall there is Indian Pastry House with the best samosas I have ever had and a delicious melt in your mouth Irish Cake (they also have other flavors and they can make wedding and birthday cakes). Chris tried the popped Sorghum and he did not like it, but I thought that it tasted like popcorn, but nuttier.

Here is a picture of the Chai Tea I picked up from Laxmi Palace and quite a deal at $3.79 a package.I am making some Chai Tea today and I will let you know how I like this tea. Here is a link to purchase it if you don't have an Indian Grocer near you and you would like to try it. As I have stated before, I love Stash Chai, Bigelow Vanilla Chai and Celestial Seasoning Bengal Spice and Chai and those are usually available at most stores, but use your favorite. Chris and I both liked the tea, it isn't quite as strong as Stash, but still good and definitely the better deal.

Below are pictures of my fraidycat, Kimmie.