Monday, April 4, 2011

Buffalo Wings and Sauteed Kale

Wow, these are really, really good. Chris and I love these. This includes a few different recipes. Here is the recipe for the Buffalo Wings themselves. Here is the recipe for the Tofu Chicken and a bonus recipe for vegan chicken nuggets. Here is the recipe for the Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing. I am going to use bottled blue cheese dressing. I have, however made the bleu cheez dressing with the jarred  fermented tofu from the Asian Grocer and it is really frickin' awesome. If you don't have an Asian Grocer near you and you want to make the vegan bleu cheez dressing and you don't have miso as called for in Deb's recipe, try this this recipe. Remember that you need to freeze the tofu the night before to make it more "meat-like". I usually use firm tofu for this. I use egg and milk in this recipe instead of the Ener-g and soy milk. I usually cut my tofu into 8 vertical slabs, cut your tofu in half, then stack and cut into 4 vertical sticks. I have never tried this with seitan, but that will be my next endeavor. To make your own "Chick'n Broth Powder" use this recipe, I use this instead of buying the pre-made stuff and Nutritional Yeast is pretty cheap.

This is not my photo ^ owns this photo. This is what you are looking for if you want to make your own bleu cheez dressing.

I made sauteed kale with red kale from my garden, which weirdly enough came up with dormant seeds. This is the recipe I used and it was very delicious although cleaning the greens was labor intensive. I skipped the onion in this recipe because I am out.