Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vegetarian Pho

Chris and I both love Pho. I never get the Tofu Pho bowl since I think they use chicken or beef broth for all of the noodle soups. Chris usually gets the Pho with mixed meat. Chris actually took me to Pho the first time and I didn't like it immediately because I wasn't using the optional sauces like Hoisin, Chili Garlic and Sriracha.

In this recipe it calls for flat rice noodles, and I will be using Mung Bean Noodles, you can also use  Rice Vermicelli. Some people really get into the garnishes but Chris just likes the soup with sauce. I will be using fried tofu, cooked napa cabbage and mushrooms.

I used ground anise seed and coriander seeds as that was all I could find. I think it turned out good.Chris didn't want napa cabbage and I forgot the mushrooms....